Pelli poola Jada

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

South Indian Bridal Hair style

South India is an incredible land known for its rich cultural heritage. In South Indian weddings, it is a tradition to decorate the bride’s long plait with beautifully patterned flowers, pearl strings, beads, golden billas, gold jada or anything which adds to her stunning looks on her big day. The overall South Indian bridal make-over looks incomplete without flowers in Hairstyle. A Kanjeevaram saree, Simple makeup, Mehendi , Temple jewelry and a flaunting floral hairstyle is all that makes the bride look like an angel on the Life time Precious moment. You will rarely see a South Indian bride without large amounts of flowers in the hair, the most cost effective and simple bridal hair accessories for saree hairstyles.

Andhra Pradesh Hairdo: PelliPoolajada
Telugu Brides decorate their long hair /plait with flowers that elevate Telugu tradition. Almost all Telugu brides braid their hair with three golden balls hanging at the end of braided hair called Jadakuppulu.
Usually the flower pattern is called Poolajada (poola-Flower, Jada-Choti) and comes in long pre-stitched ready-made form which is attached to the bride’s long plait. Contemporary brides prefer individual pieces of flower billas to be attached to braided hair one after the other to complete wedding jada. Some jada patterns require to wrap around the braided hair, and some to attach a single piece directly to the hair. Top head portion of head is covered with semi circle shaped flower garlands called “Venis”. The Elegant telugu bride prefers rose petals jadas, as different color choices are available in roses to match the saree. These rose petals jadas have replaced completely lily jadas and jasmine jadas of 90’s.

Tamil Brides wedding hairstyle:

Tamil Brides shifted their focus from poojadai to jada billalu in recent years. The Jada Billalu, which is the jewellery for the hair (hair accessories),is either one long piece or multiple smaller pieces of gold adornments, which are placed along the length of the hair braid as well as on the crown sometimes, as per choice.

Tamil brides generally hire jewellery for wedding, and jada billas/jada is given as a part of package. Brides these days take a matching semicircular veni along with 2 jasmine venis, followed by billas on braided hair.  Tamil Brides preferring poojadai wear a small hair bun at the top of jada, which gives support to venis and also gives a neat look to jada. It’s time to glam up those jadabilla styles with flowers for Tamil brides. 

Karnataka Bridal Hair style:

Bangalore brides are the most advanced and experiment loving brides when it comes to flower jada designs. Brides wear flowers matching to saree, or in contrast to saree colors so that flowers are seen prominently. Gold painted fresh flower jasmine veni or satin gold flowers artificial veni is a must these days for Kannada brides. Apart from flowers, a precious plait-ornament made of gold/ artificial gold or pearls is also used for  wedding hairstyle usually known as jadanagam.

Kerala Brides:Usually a kerala bride wears a whole lot of Jasmine strands where the flowers are strung together like a garland as it gives a fuller look. Flowers are rolled on the braided hair which gives a heavy look, and few floral strings also hang loose over both the shoulders. Over the generations, Malayalam brides are following the same bridal hair style, and the latest addition is adding jada billas on top of rolled jasmine. For the modern Malayalam bride, there is nothing better than taking a traditional style and adding her own touches to it.

The popularity of Poola Jada, as it is known in Telugu, is such that even our Bollywood actresses like Shilpa Shetty, the legendary Rekha, Hema Malini, Sri Devi, Amrita Rao, Genelia D’Souza and many more have embraced it

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